Combinatorial Algebra meets
Algebraic Combinatorics 2021

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) which corresponds to UTC-5.

Friday, 22. January

10:50 to 11:00 Opening Remarks
11:00 to 11:55 Megumi Harada Permutation bases for the cohomology rings of regular semisimple Hessenberg varieties (Slides)
12:00 to 12:55 Poster Session I
13:00 to 13:55 Olya Mandelshtam The multispecies TAZRP and modified Macdonald polynomials (Slides)
14:00 to open end Social Event I Themed Coffee Break

Saturday, 23. January

11:00 to 11:55 Anton Mellit LLT-like expansion of the nabla operator and the positivity conjecture (Slides)
12:00 to 12:55 Poster Session II
13:00 to 13:55 Luc Lapointe Positivity conjectures for non-symmetric Macdonald polynomials (Slides)
14:00 to open end Social Event II a CAAC related game of Geoguessr

Sunday, 24. January

11:00 to 11:55 Gregory G. Smith Smooth Hilbert schemes (Slides)
12:00 to 12:55 Steven Karp $q$-Whittaker functions, finite fields, and Jordan forms (Slides)
13:15 to 14:10 Sara Faridi Breaking cycles into smaller ones and applications to resolutions of monomial ideals (Slides)
14:10 to open end Social Event III Themed Coffee Break

Poster Session 1

Nicholas Williams Algebraic interpretation of the higher Stasheff-Tamari orders (Poster)
Jeremy Lane From canonical bases to symplectic integrable systems (Poster)
Jaewoo Jung Hankel index of a projection of rational normal curve (Poster)

Poster Session 2

Bruce Sagan On a rank-unimodality conjecture of Morier-Genoud and Ovsienko (Poster)
Chi Ho Yuen Oriented Matroids from Triangulations of Products of Simplices (Poster)
Ayah Almousa Gröbner Basis Techniques for Determinantal Facet Ideals
Colleen Robichaux CM regularity and Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties (Poster)